To: Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),

Our house is on fire, the planet that we call home is under emergency due to the unfolding ecological crisis exacerbated by the climate crisis. This is all due to our failure to act collectively in bending the curve of carbon emission and ensuring an economic development pathway that ensures inclusion, justice and ecological balance.  

We, the youth of Bangladesh, urge you to stand with the climate vulnerable countries to urgently take actions to tackle the climate crisis. The world leaders must commit towards the Paris Agreement and ensure the reparations and justice for the climate vulnerable countries. 

The urgency of the climate crisis requires an emergency response centred on human rights, equity, and justice. 

We demand the world leaders to:

  • Stop fossil fuel and transition towards 100% clean energy 
  • Act on the commitments of climate financing that ensures full reparation of loss and damages 
  • Adopt an international legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution 
  • Invest in transition towards sustainable food systems ensuring better nutrition for all, better human and planetary health 
  • Invest in context-specific and community led innovations for climate adaptation rather than top-down technical solutions 
  • Support sustainable economic development paradigm that ensures gender intersectionality, equity, rights and justice for all
  • Criminalise deforestation, land degradation, river encroachments and aquatic pollution to protect our live saving natural ecosystem


208 signatures = 2% of goal

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